Alumni Spotlight: Krizia Testani


Krizia TestaniFull name: Krizia Testani

Program: Fashion Studies

Grad Year: 2013

Current Position: CRM/E-Retail Media Assistant at CHANEL

What is your favourite Seneca memory?

There have been so many amazing Seneca memories! My favourite part of the program was having the opportunity to work on several creative projects utilizing different mediums. I found this experience very rewarding and fulfilling.

If you could give one piece of advice to a student completing the same program as you, what would it be?

Be explorative! The Fashion Studies program is a wonderful opportunity to explore different avenues within the fashion industry. From Sustainable Fashion to Concepts & Design to Colour & Trend Forecasting, each course provides a great insight into an area of fashion that you might want to further discover. Find your passion!

How did your Seneca education help you get to where you are now/your current career?

My Seneca education has played a significant role in my current career. The fashion experience gained from the program provided me with the knowledge to better understand the fashion industry. The Colour & Trend Forecasting and Concepts & Design courses both took a deeper dive into the behaviours of consumers and the fashion industry which have proved fundamental and beneficial to my current career.

What is it in your day to day tasks that you enjoy the most?

My day-to-day tasks vary between my primary function areas which include: Customer Relationship Management, E-Retail, Digital and Media. Each function of my role has its own unique attributes which make every day very interesting and exciting! My favourite task is working with CHANEL Global contacts on upcoming product launches and ensuring the launches run smoothly on our e-retailer websites.

Do you have any other thoughts or memories you would like to share?

Seneca provided ample opportunity for me to learn more about myself! The Fashion Studies program was a wonderful learning experience for me to explore the different career paths within the fashion/retail industry and ultimately find a career that best aligned with me.


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