Alumni Spotlight: Marysol Kim

Full name: Marysol KimMKim_QA_Headshot

Program: Fashion Arts

Grad Year: 2018

Current Position:

Junior Designer, Creative Matters Inc (*from September 2018)

What is your favourite Seneca memory?

I have too many fond memories during my time at Seneca but one of my favourites is being mesmerized by the garments and costumes at the Fashion Resource Centre. It is truly a fashion treasure trove archiving the zeitgeist: the spirit of the times through the different ages, available to students for learning and research. I am still trying to figure out the pleats on a gorgeous 1980s Issey Miyake outfit I last saw at the centre!

If you could give one piece of advice to a student completing the same program as you, what would it be?

Experiment and challenge yourself. Being at school is a great time to learn and try different designs and ideas. Also, take advantage of the numerous design events and competitions available; it’s a great opportunity to keep you creatively challenged and meet/network with industry professionals.

How has your career evolved?

Upon graduation, I started my career in Warranty Repair at Canada Goose. After an exciting summer of learning and working in Quality Control, I was referred by faculty, to a luxury floor and wall-covering design company. I accepted a position with them and look forward to continuously grow and evolve creatively.

How did your Seneca program help you get to where you are now/your current career?

I am fortunate to have graduated from two programs at Seneca. The Fashion Studies program aligned perfectly with my background in fine arts and pinpointed me to Fashion Arts. With its varied courses and wonderful faculty, I was fully able to develop and explore my skills and ideas, while starting to shape my visions as a designer.

Do you have any other thoughts or memories you would like to share?

Be curious: from the construction of a seam on a garment to the person sitting next to you in design class; the silly show on Netflix and what is happening in Toronto and the world today. I think being curious not only keep you inspired creatively but also helps you problem-solve challenges, understand the interesting relationship between fashion and people, and find your own voice in the industry.


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