The Royal Treatment

We were graced by the presence of royalty when Priyanka and JuiceBoxx guest lectured the Creative Makeup FX course as part of the Cosmetic Techniques and Management program.

Priyanka has been performing as a Drag Queen for the past 2.5 years and has won both Miss Crews and Tangos (2018-19) and Woody’s Queen of Halloween (2018). In 2019, she was voted NOW Magazine Readers’ Choice for best local drag performer.

JuiceBoxx has been a drag queen entertainer for 6 years and has been featured in ads for Crest and Absolut Vodka. Before becoming a full-time drag queen, she worked as a professional make-up artist. 


The workshop spanned over two days with the first half of the class dedicated to the demonstration component. JuiceBoxx  and Priyanka taught students how to apply a complete look from start to finish. The lesson included a detailed list of which cosmetic products to use and the application techniques that are optimal for creating a strong stage presence. Students learned about brow blocking, how to create the illusion of a larger eye shape (as opposed to using fuller lashes to enhance the look), and contouring techniques. Brow blocking is a technique that uses a glue stick to adhere natural brow hairs to the skin. Once the glue dries, a face powder is applied over the brows and the desired eyebrow shape is created. 

During the second half of the class, students had the opportunity to create drag queen make-up looks on themselves or on a partner using the techniques taught by JuiceBoxx and Priyanka. Priyanka and JuiceBoxx met with students during the practical component of the class to answer questions and provide feedback during their make-up application.

The demonstrations and workshops were a huge success. Students came away with a greater knowledge of drag queen makeup techniques, the products used and the one-on-one feedback from Priyanka and JucieBoxx.

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